I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. My life’s work and my greatest aspiration is to assist individuals & couples on their path to acceptance & wholeness.

I feel honored to work with individuals & couples everyday as they learn new ways to understand themselves through personal exploration & curiosity. I want every person I meet to heal their wounds and discover their own self-worth so, they can lead the life they want. I want to assist couples in reigniting their desires to discover/uncover joy & novelty in their relationship once again.

The truth is, I spent many years trying to “fix myself,” because I had survived childhood trauma, which left me crippled with self-doubt. It wasn’t until I found a supportive therapist and discovered mindfulness & meditation that I began to heal. Sharing my personal traumas with my therapist and practicing meditation helped me to settle down enough to begin developing  a witnessing awareness about my behaviors, good & bad. I also gained an abiding sense of self-acceptance and compassion for myself, which led to healing. I have been practicing meditation for over nineteen years and it continues to be the stabilizing influence in my life. It has not always been a smooth road to healing, many ups and downs, but that is how healing takes place. We falter, we fall, we get back up, and slowly we recover one day, one moment at a time.

Also, to all those couples out there struggling in their marriages, I want to be completely transparent with you and let you know that I know how difficult marriage can be. I have been in a long term marriage. We raised four children together. I’ve been in the trenches of verbal war fare and the isolation & loneliness of not being able to communicate with my spouse no matter how hard I tried. Sometimes I was sure we should end it and just get divorced, but we remained committed to our promises. We did seek out couples counseling and the first therapist did more harm than good, however, the second therapist was a lifesaver and truly helped us face our dysfunctional behaviors and made each of us own how we we were undermining our relationship. Relationships are hard but they should not be without love & joy. That is what I want for any couple who comes to see me, to find that love & joy again.

Take the opportunity today to reach out for the support you need. I look forward to speaking with you soon!